Topical map of COVID-19 social research literature

I have been busy checking out the explosion of peer-reviewed articles published recently in social science journals on the COVID crisis. I located over 120 such articles, and have conducted a rapid topic mapping process to support my own COVID-related research.

In case anyone else might find this document useful, it can be accessed here: Lupton – Map of Social Research on COVID 19 July 2020 (updated version 20 July 2020).

7 thoughts on “Topical map of COVID-19 social research literature

  1. thank you for this — extremely useful. presumably you will carry on updating the list? this special issue of Journal of Environmental Media on digital media, the environment and COVID-19 is currently going throgh the final proofing stage and will be out by end of August — it is social science broadly defined, with papers ranging from STS, sociology, geography, cultural studies and media

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