My podcasts and recorded interviews and talks


Interview on Life Matters, Radio National, on fat phobia and stigmatisation (25 October 2012)

Interview with Mark Carrigan, The Sociological Imagination blog, on the value of academic blogging (25 March 2013)

Interview with Radio NZ on the pros and cons of health and medical apps and self-tracking (1 October 2013)

YouTube interview talking about using social media to promote one’s research: (December 2013)

Podcast on digital sociology from a plenary roundtable on digital sociology and the social life of methods at the British Sociological Association Conference (April 2014):

Podcast of ‘Sociological Sensibility and the Politics of Digital Engagement’ presentation at the British Sociological Association Conference (April 2014):

Podcast with Kevin Anselmo about my research on academics’ use of social media (November 2014)

Podcast with Brett Hutchins about self-tracking, personal data and surveillance (November 2014)

Podcast of my lecture at the University of Warwick on ‘What is Digital Sociology?’ (January 2015)

Podcast of contributions, including my own paper, to a seminar on ‘Sociological Perspectives on Digital  Health’ at the University of Warwick (January 2015)

Interview with Noortje Marres about my book Digital Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London (January 2015)

Podcast of public event on ‘Catastrophic Futures’ with me, Anthony Elliott and John Urry, Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia (March 2015)

Podcast of my seminar on ‘Fabricated Data Bodies: 3D Printed Body Objects in Medicine and Health’, Swinburne Institute, Melbourne (April 2015)

Podcast of an interview for ‘This Week in Health Law’ with Nicolas Terry and Frank Pasquale (June 2016)

Podcast of an interview with John Danaher about The Quantified Self book (June 2016)

Interview on ABC Canberra radio about 3D food printing (May 2017)

Keynote address, ‘Metric Culture’ conference (June 2017)

Podcast with Chris Till for ‘Digital Sociology Podcast’ (August 2017)

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