Why aren’t there more stay-at-home dads?

I have just published a piece in The Conversation about stay-at-home fathers and why they are still such a rare phenomenon. There was a big front-page story on the domestic arrangements of Australian actor Rachel Griffiths and her artist husband Andrew Taylor in last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald. For the past ten years, Griffiths has been busy working on her television career in the US on such shows as Six Feet Under and Brothers & Sisters, while Taylor has been the primary carer of their three children.

In my article for The Conversation, I look at why Taylor’s staying at home to care for the couple’s children received front-age coverage. I discuss some sociological research that has looked at the experiences for both men and women when they have decided that the mother should be the primary breadwinner while the father stays at home.

Here is the link to the article: https://theconversation.edu.au/the-stay-at-home-dad-syndrome-why-do-rachel-griffiths-parenting-choices-make-news-7285