Welcome to my blog!

I see myself principally as a sociologist, but my work is often interdisciplinary, especially engaging with media, communication and cultural studies. My current position is SHARP Professor in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. My undergraduate training was in sociology and anthropology at the Australian National University, and I have a Master of Public Health and a doctorate from the University of Sydney. For over two decades now I have written about the sociocultural dimensions of medicine and public health; risk; the body; and digital media. I have authored 18 books, edited nine others and published over 200 academic journal articles and book chapters on these topics. I am also interested in experimenting with innovative methods for social research.

I can be contacted by email on d.lupton@unsw.edu.au and my Twitter handle is @DALupton.

For more about my academic publications see my Academia.edu profile. For my Amazon author page, go here.

I am a longstanding and active member of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA).


16 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, i read your piece on crikey and found it very interesting. i was curious as to what online app maker wizard you used


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  3. I have an idea but, for the record, when did Sociology as a discipline become interdisciplanary? My reason for asking is I pretty much walked away from Sociology after I tried to introduce a psychological argument into my project on white collar crime and I was scoffed at (ridiculed) by the convenor of a course, a professor emeritus. A lot changes in ten years.

    • Hi Jane – Well a lot of sociology is not interdisciplinary, but I have moved between sociology and media and cultural studies throughout my career, as well as spending some time studying and working in public health (I have a Master of Public Health and my doctorate is from School of Public Health and includes both sociology and media studies).

  4. Dear Deborah,
    I am writing an article (a portfolio piece) on the connection between personal values and attachment to image/identity, and the behaviour of people who publish nutrition-related content online. I wondered if you might be interested in commenting. If so I woudl love to hear from you by email, and I can send you some questions as a starting point.

  5. Hi Deborah
    I would like to recommend you as a reviewer for our National Research Foundation in South Africa rating of one of our scientists who is working in digital health or m health . Please could you share your email with me. Once they have contacted you to request your participation you may accept or decline. I am one of the initial reviewers to appoint appropriate people
    Hellen Myezwa
    Associate Professor
    University of the Witwatersrand

  6. Hi Debroah
    Someone mentioned you as a leading researcher of Coronavirus sociology. Or beyond mask society. If that is true would you let me know where to find your articles. Thank you
    Professor FJ Alwan
    University of Baghdad

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  10. Hi Deborah, hope you`re well! My name is Elizabeth Duffy, and I am a recent graduate of Microbiology who is setting up a blog on vaccine hesitancy. I`m particularly interested in the social aspect of why people reject vaccines. I would love to collaborate to expand the reach of both of our blogs if you`re open to that. Thanks, Elizabeth

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