Vitalities Lab Newsletter Number 3



Number 3, 25 June 2019

The Vitalities Lab is led by SHARP Professor Deborah Lupton, Centre for Social Research in Health and Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney. Further details here.

New Publications

  1. Lupton, D. (2019) ‘I’d like to think you could trust the government, but I don’t really think we can’: Australian women’s attitudes to and experiences of My Health Record. Digital Health, 5, online, available at


13 May: Deborah was the convenor and one of the panel speakers at the UNSW Grand Challenges Event ‘Shaping our digital future’. The event was chaired by Matthew Kearnes, UNSW Sydney, and the two other panel members were Sarah Pink, Monash University, and Amanda Third, Western Sydney University (pictured below, with Amanda seated between Deborah and Sarah).




11 June 2019: Deborah gave a keynote at the Digitally Engaged Patient conference, University of Copenhagen

13 June 2019: Deborah gave a seminar presentation at King’s College, London

13 June 2019: Deborah gave a seminar presentation at the London School of Economics

14 June 2019: Deborah gave a keynote at the Surveillance in the 21st Century early career workshop, Royal Holloway University of London (the Founder’s Building at Royal Holloway is pictured above).


In May, Deborah held two workshops at UNSW Sydney on using image cards for social research. Her reflections on the workshops and methods can be found here.

Media Appearances

Deborah was quoted about her research on My Health Record in for an article published in Government News:

Deborah was quoted about her research on fat politics in SBS ‘The Feed’ online:

Deborah was quoted in an article on fitness trackers in the New Zealand Listener news and current affairs magazine (8 June edition)

Other News

Deborah published a short document collecting together six of her popular blog posts providing tips and advice for successful academic research. The PDF can be accessed here.

With co-editor Zeena Feldman, Deborah completed work on their edited volume Digital Food Cultures for Routledge’s Critical Food Studies book series. The book is now in production and will be published in early 2020.

Advice for successful academic research – now all in one place!

I’ve published a number of posts over the years on this blog that have provided advice on how to undertake successful academic research. I’ve created a short PDF document that brings six of these posts together in the one place. It is available here: Lupton – Advice for Successful Academic Research.

This is the content of the PDF:

  1. 30 Tips for Successful Academic Research and Publishing
  2. 15 Top Tips for Revising Journal Articles
  3. Ten Tips for Increasing Your Academic Visibility
  4. Tips for Qualitative Researchers Seeking Funding – What Not to Leave Out of Your Grant Applications
  5. Opening Up Your Research – Self-Archiving for Sociologists
  6. Why I Blog