New book now out – Creative Approaches to Health Education

Creative Approaches to Health Education : New Ways of Thinking, Making, Doing, Teaching and Learning - Deborah Lupton

This new book, edited with Deana Leahy, is now out with Routledge. It can be ordered from Routledge here, and a preview is available from Google Books here.

The book is chockfull of exciting methods to inspire new ways of thinking, making, doing, learning, teaching and learning across diverse areas of health education: in schools and universities with young people, in the community with migrant women, with women and healthcare providers working with them during childbirth, at a family violence refuge, and online with people working in higher education.

The chapters outline a series of case studies contributed by leaders in the field, describing projects using a wide variety of creative methods conducted in a variety of global contexts. These include a rich constellation of arts- and design-based methods and artefacts: sculptures, dance, walking and other somatic movement, diaries, paintings, drawings, zines, poems and other creative writing, body maps, collages, stories, films, photographs, theatre performances, soundscapes, potions, rock gardens, brainstorming, debates, secret ballots, murals and graffiti walls. There are no rules or guidelines outlined in these contributions about ‘how to do’ creative approaches to health education. However, the methods in the case studies the authors describe are explained in enough detail that they can be adopted or re-invented in other contexts. More importantly, these contributions provide inspiration. They demonstrate what can be done in the field of health education (however it is defined) to go beyond the often stultifying and conventional boundaries it has set for itself.